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About Us

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Founded in 2008 in Hong Kong, Martini Tiles is a trusted pioneer in the ceramic tiles industry. A subsidiary under GM Brothers Construction Material Company, we are committed to delivering finesse and style, bringing over a decade of expertise and market knowledge. From residential properties to hotels, offices to shopping malls, and restaurants to schools, our professional team is well-equipped with far-reaching experience leading projects across Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.


Your project is in safe hands with one-stop services and gold-standard ceramic tiles designed for floor and wall use. Within a comprehensive product portfolio featuring marble, stone, terrazzo, wood and concrete tiles, explore environmentally friendly alternatives hand-picked by the team, as well as bespoke products customised for every project. Discover a first-of-its-kind experience where you create your very own tile with any preferred colour, texture, trim and finish.


We take pride in providing best-in-class service with meticulously curated products tailored to transform your space. Keeping abreast of the latest innovations and emerging trends across the industry, Martini Tiles gathers world-leading technology and the latest equipment released in the market. Start the conversation and connect with our team of seasoned veterans today, let us prioritise your needs and provide the professional consultation you require to make your dream a reality.